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20,774 visitors Masco Corporation Employees Overtime and Labor Practices Investigation

Gilman Law Offices is currently investigating complaints regarding Masco Corporation's labor practices, including failing to pay employees overtime, hours worked, and missed breaks (such as 15 minute breaks, lunch breaks, meal breaks).  

We are also investigating the labor practices of Masco Corporation's related companies, including the following:

 Masco-Related Companies

  • A & J Gummers
  •  Alsons Corporation
  • American Shower & Bath Corporation
  • Aqua Glass Corporation
  • Arrow Fastener Company, Inc.
  • Behr Process Corporation
  • BrassCraft Manufacturing Company
  • Brasstech, Inc.
  • Breuer, Germany
  • Bristan, Ltd.
  • Cambrian Windows Ltd., UK
  • Cobra Products Inc.
  • Damixa
  • Delta Faucet Company
  • Duraflex Ltd.
  • Erickson Construction (see Masco Framing Corporation)
  • Environments For Living (Masco Home Services, Inc.)
  • Griffin Windows, Ltd.
  • Hansgrohe AG
  • Heritage Bathrooms Ltd.
  • HüppeKraftMaid Cabinetry
  •  Liberty Hardware
  •  Masco Contractor Services
  •  Masco Framing Corporation
  •  Masco Retail Cabinet Group
  •  Masterchem Industries LLC
  •  Merillat
  •  Milgard Windows & Doors
  •  Mirolin Industries Corporation
  •  Moores Furniture Group Ltd.
  •  Peerless Faucet (see Delta Faucet Company)
  •  PowerShot Tool Company, Inc.
  •  Premier Manufacturing Ltd.
  •  Quality Cabinets
  •  Service Partners
  •  Tvilum-Scanbirk
  •  Vapor Technologies Inc.
  •  Watkins Manufacturing Corporation

    Your Employee Rights May Have Been Violated

  •  The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), also known as the Wages and Hours Bill, is a federal law that applies to employers for the benefit of employees.  The FLSA has established:

    ·         a national minimum wage;

    ·         guaranteed time and a half for overtime in certain jobs;

    ·         prohibits oppressive child labor.

    Minimum Wage

    The federal minimum wage is the minimum hourly pay an employer must pay an employee.  Most States also have minimum wage laws, which are often higher than the FLSA.  Usually the higher minimum wage law applies for the benefit of the employee.



    Covered employees must receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 per work week at a rate not less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay.  There is no limit on the number of hours employees aged 16 years or older may work in a workweek.  The FLSA does not require overtime pay for work on weekends, holidays, or regular days of rest, unless overtime is worked on such days.  State wage and hour laws may, however, provide increased benefits for work on weekends and holidays.

     Hours WorkedHours worked usually includes all time during which an employee is required to be on the employer's property, on duty, or at a prescribed workplace.  This often includes short scheduled breaks, routine unscheduled breaks, meal breaks, and lunch breaks. 





    Employers must display an official Department of Labor poster outlining the requirements of the FLSA.  Employers must also keep and maintain employee time and pay records.  

     Misclassifying Employees as Exempt From Wage and Hour Requirements

    Unfortunately, employers may and do misclassify workers as FLSA exempt employees to avoid paying their workers overtime.  This may be a violation of federal or State employment overtime law. 


    Please keep in mind that most States also have labor laws, including Wage and Hour laws, which apply to employers such as Masco.  These laws often have even more strict requirements than the federal FLSA. 

    Contact Overtime Rights Attorneys at Gilman Law Offices

    If you are currently employed by Masco, or are a former employee of Masco, or you are/were employed by any of its related companies listed below, and you believe that your rights have been violated, or if you wamnt more information regarding our investigation, then please call 1-877-428-7374 or fill out the form to send us an email.


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